• Candidate Nationality Colombian
  • Candidate Gender Female
  • Academic Level Diploma
  • Candidate Age 23 - 27 Years
  • Candidate Preferred Countries LuxembourgNetherlandsSwitzerland
  • Preferred Area Small CityBig CityTownVillage
  • Preferred Job Type Fulltime
  • Duration Of Stay 1-2 Years>Years
  • Earliest Starting Date 2021-10-16
  • Latest Starting Date 2022-03-16
  • Accomodation Im looking for live in work
  • Marital Status Single
  • Special Diet Consideration No Preferences/I eat anything
  • Smoke Cigarette No
  • Have Drivers License Yes, I have National driving license
  • Religion Catholic
  • Religion Is Not Important
  • Have A Passport From Colombia
  • Currently Living Home Country
  • Have Health Problems/Allergies No
  • Weight In kg
  • Weight(kg) 48
  • Height In cm
  • Height(cm) 150
  • Have Own Children No
  • Have Any Siblings Yes
  • Have Healthcare Training No
  • Have Attended First Aid Training Yes
  • Have Criminal Record No
  • Can Swim Well No
  • Can Ride A Bike Yes
  • Would live with a family with pets Yes
  • Would take care of pets Yes
  • Would work extra to earn additional money Yes
  • Letter To The Family
    [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="https://activeaupair.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/489544-e1457878-d99e-4fba-885d-6a976cb398bf.mp4"][/video] Hi, Dear Future Host Family, I am Yeraldin but you can tell me Yeral, I am twenty six years old, I am from Colombia, I was born in Aquitania, Let me tell you something about my land, Aquitania is a beautiful town located in Boyacá, a quiet place with many beautiful landscapes where it is located in the most important lake in my country and the second most important in South America, the people are very kind and friendly. I lived there until 2011, in January of that year I moved to Sogamoso, a city near where I was born, to study at the university. I have lived alone for ten years It has given me the opportunity to meet many people of different places and live with different people too. Being away from home and deal with very different people has helped me to mature and grow as a person. I have learned to be more patient, tolerant and I am able to communicate better to resolve misunderstanding. What can I tell you about myself? I am a responsible, cheerful, creative and very patient girl. I am organized and dynamic. I enjoy spending time with my family, especially with my little nephews and friends also with my pet, I love dogs. I like to take care of the environment, in fact I belong to a foundation for the environment. In addition, I am a person who wants to live new experiences, meet different people, places and cultures, and especially new languages. I like to travel, I enjoy dancing, singing in my free time I like reading and doing crafts, especially painting. Also, I usually do sports both in the gym and outdoors, I like to play soccer and ride a bicycle. As for my experience with children, before the health emergency due to covid-19 I was a child leader in my church, where I did recreational activities with a group of thirteen to fifteen children every weekend for approximately three years from 2017 to 2019. Also a few years ago I carried out monitoring and I helped them with school activities on vacations for the children of some neighbors, also I have taken care of the children of my friends from the university, also of my younger brother and my last experience has been with my niece I have taken care of her Since she was born and is now 2 years old, we do many activities with her, such as crafts or games, I teach her colors, textures, numbers and to talk In addition to helping her with her food, and bathing, dressing and combing her, I like to give her beautiful hairstyles. I want you to know much more about me, I will be very happy to be your au pair. with love, Yeral.
  • Candidate Continent South America
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About me

I am Yeraldin but you can tell me Yeral, I am twenty six years old, I am from Colombia I am a very happy, fun and spontaneous person, but I am also very strict with following rules, I am very responsible, organized and persevering. I like to be a leader and motivate people to do many activities.
I am an independent person, I like to live new experiences, I love traveling and getting to know different places and people. I am very sincere and I like that they speak to me with the truth, I like to be tolerant and that they be tolerant with me that is very important, I do not like injustices and discrimination.
I consider myself a very creative person, I like to enjoy simple things, I love small details and I dream of living many new experiences. I am a business administrator, graduated from Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia, I am currently working in a health company as an administrative assistant, for ten years I have worked in different companies such as hotels, restaurants, footwear companies, important entities, I like to get my own money, and acquire new knowledge and experience, In a few years I want to study a master’s degree in human talent or managerial administration to increase my knowledge.

🙂 +4.000 hours of childcare experience.
🙂 IQ.
🙂 certified for Advanced Child Care Training by The American Red Cross.

My experience with children began about ten years ago, for three years I volunteered in my church as a child leader where I did recreation and teaching activities for a group of approximately thirteen to fifteen children between the ages of five to twelve, we met every weekend, we had a lot of fun. I have worked as a babysitter with several children, I have also been an academic tutor where I help the children with their homework and explain different class topics, I love children so I also took care of my younger brother, and the youngest of My family, I am the favorite cousin because I always play with them and we have a lot of fun, my recent experience has been with my little niece, I have taken care of her since she was born and now she is two years and nine months old, with her we enjoy a lot, I teach her textures, activities for her motor skills, I teach her to speak, colors, numbers and to be an independent, judicious and above all healthy and happy girl.

My native language is Spanish, I have an intermediate level of English that I have achieved by studying every day, I have a basic level of French, they are my favorite languages ​​and I want to improve and learn a lot of these languages, I also want to learn new languages ​​I think it is a wonderful opportunity for my life, because it allows me to live new experiences.

I want to be an au pair because for me it is an excellent opportunity to improve my English skills, besides being a great opportunity to meet new people, new cultures and different places, and most importantly because for years I have wanted to live this experience since I love children and I like to learn a lot from them.
For me, being an au pair is a wonderful opportunity to see life with different eyes, also because I want to improve my job opportunities when I return to my country.

My expectations as an au pair are many, the most important thing for me is that my future host family makes me feel part of the family, that the rules are clear, that there is respect and above all trust and tolerance.
I want to be able to know many places, many people live and enjoy every second, above all improve my English and learn new languages, make this cultural exchange the best experience of my life, that helps me to be more responsible, more mature and a better person.

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