Welcome to Active Au Pair Chat Room

1. Chatroom for effective Communication
If you want to discuss professional matters with your potential Host Family or potential Au Pair and get quickly answers, this is the place and the platform for this issues.

2. Be Friendly
Remember to be friendly. Also, note that this is one way of communication where emoticons are OK, and a basic smiley face in response to a “You’re welcome” can do wonders. As can starting a conversation with “How are you today?” – before jumping into “When are yo ready to start working?”

3. Reply Quickly
Pleas reply quickly, so, when you’re asked something in a chat, respond as soon as you can. If you’re busy or something important is happening, in a middle of a chat, or you are going for e.g. lunch, take a moment to send a short message that you will be “off” for a moment, so people know you can’t respond quickly.

4. Stay on Topic
On that note, since it’s easy to fire off a string of comments in chat, you can easily get distracted and find yourself discussing your weekend plans instead of talking about your real issue. Keep the conversation productive by sticking to the subject at hand. So, keep these rules in mind as you are using this Chat Room.

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Welcome to Active Au Pair's Chat Room


Active Au Pair Chat Room 
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